Voom! Voom!, the phone vibrates as it moves to the sound it produce, wandering around on the bed like one indecisive on where to go. After few seconds, it stopped. The screeching fan continued its cry, running slowly like babies crawling in chase of themselves. Voom! Voom!! The indecisive wandering phone continued in its act … Continue reading SKINT BY THEO-ZINY JOEL



The sun- world's known amebo presence graced the hall. It stood it's feet on the ground and sat it's butt on the desk. Attentively, it's gaze was concentrated on almost-all-of-our papers that sat on the desk. It invigilated along with the external invigilator, making our faults known easily. The weather was meant for a cold … Continue reading HOLY SIN by THEO-ZINY JOEL

12:00AM A Short fiction story by Theo-Ziny Joel

  "That is the house" I pointed from a distance dropping my hand in a flash to avoid being seen "It's going to be a very difficult mission to carry out considering the security placement and most especially that her surly weird looking dog" Akpan said "So in other words it's a mission impossible?" I … Continue reading 12:00AM A Short fiction story by Theo-Ziny Joel